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In A Place Far, Far Away by Kimiko-Takahashi-tan In A Place Far, Far Away by Kimiko-Takahashi-tan
The challenge was to create an Avant Garde look based on one of the color pallets of the new L'Oreal Paris collection.
My color pallet: The Wise Mystic - "to mesmerize in violets and blues." This flattering mermaid style dress is not only avant garde, but also represents "The Wise Mystic" very well. With glamor and sophistication, (and all the purple is tulle.) this dress is sure to put a spell on you! My Lord and Taylor Accessories: Shoes, ([link]) Bag, ([link]) Ring, ([link]) Earrings ([link]).
Do you like my design? You can vote for me here: [link]
Please comment below with your thoughts and critiques! I HIGHLY appreciate it!!
Thank you!! :D
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GL-Gloria Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student Interface Designer
hello dearie, very good improvement! very clean. i also like this design MUCH better than Melissa's design, which I thought was absolutely atrocious.

I like your use of opacity, though here are some pro-tips to refine your image

1) this isn't much of a tip as a question, but how did you do your line art? I would suggest using different line weights with pressure

2) try shading to give more depth to your image!

3) watch out for proportions! more specifically, the shoulders and the bust area

4) accessories-wise, is the bag really necessary? editing is key!

if you have any questions, please let me know! i'll always be here to help :D
Kimiko-Takahashi-tan Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012   Interface Designer
Thank you!! :D I don't have Photoshop, so I use Gimp, (which I'm really new to) and I haven't quite figured out how to use different weights and sizes and stuff yet, but I'm gonna try and find some tutorials soon. Oh, and yeah... I really suck at proportions. I'll have to work on that!
T~T And thinking back on it, you're totally right, the bag doesn't look like it fits the design.
I do have one question. Do you think I should try giving the models faces? (It sounds weird, I know.) It seems like all the really good designers I see all give their models faces, but I've always kinda sucked at faces, so I've never really been sure... What do you think?
(I mean, I can sorta/almost do faces inspired by manga and anime, but those don't work with my fashion style... >,<)
GL-Gloria Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Good luck with finding out how to use Gimp!

As for proportions, I would first try tracing designs with templates (real body proportions, not fashion proportions) (and always credit the template) after a while, you start getting the sense of what the proportions should be, and then you can gradually take artistic license to get what you feel like is your "own" unique signature (ie most fashion designers tend to exaggerate the legs in their designs)

Less is always more! On Project Runway, some designers get auf'd just because they can't style, even though their design is very good! I personally find your design more avant garde than the fashion vampire Melissa, who's design Heidi called ugly (which I agree with).

I always say, if you're not going to do faces, don't do skin color, hair, etc... so the croquis looks like one of those store mannequins. I personally think it's weird when you have a "life-like" croquis with no face. So you either go all the way, or not at all. I personally do half faces with no skin coloring, because I find coloring the croquis with hair and skin and all that goodness takes up too much of my time that could be devoted to perfecting the design. If you're going to do a face, the most important features are the eyes and the lips (noses are never prominent). Also, simple is best! Don't make any facial features too realistic or anything, I find that the most effective way to draw a face is to use as few lines as possible. It's a fashion illustration, not an actual illustration, so us designers don't have to worry about whether or not our pictures look expressive or not, because it really doesn't matter! It's all a stylistic/personal choice matter.
Kimiko-Takahashi-tan Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013   Interface Designer
(Sorry for the late reply!!) Alrighty! Thank you very much, I'll definitely keep trying to get better! ^^
GL-Gloria Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Student Interface Designer
everyone always has room for improvement ;D
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